Happy Hour
  • Monday - Friday: 5pm-7pm, 2 for 1 Liquor
  • 10pm-close, 2 for 1 Liquor
Monday: Monday
  • 10pm-close, 2 for 1 Liquor
Tuesday: Coin Flip Night
  • 8pm-close: 8pm - Close: On your first drink order, the bartender flips a coin. You call it in the air. Guess correctly and your drink is $1. Incorrectly: Pay regular price. *Specialty Cocktails and Plinko excluded.
Wednesday: 7/11/Doubles
  • 8pm-close: Whenever you buy a drink, you'll have a chance to roll two dice. If you roll a 7, 11, or Doubles, you win a FREE SHOT of your choice valued at $8 and under.
Thursday: Trivia Night
  • 8pm-10pm: Good questions. Bad jokes. Prizes that get you drunk.

Upstairs Party Menu
  • If you’d like to avoid going to the bar downstairs for drinks, we can set you up with drinkware, mixers, and ice for you and your friends upstairs. We can also utilize the upstairs ice chest for cases of beer. If there is a bottle you’d prefer that isn’t on the menu, let us know and we can quote you a price. Have fun!
  • Fireball, Jim Beam Fire…$100
    Absolut, Jameson, Hornitos…$140
    Bulleit, Ketel…$160
    Patron, Hendrick’s, Maker’s, Grey Goose…$180
    Oban, Whistlepig…$300
Case of Beer
  • Bud Light, High Life, Pacifico…$80
    All other bottled beer cases…$100
  • Bottle…$32

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